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The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Known as the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and vibrant cultures in the world. We want to invite you on a unique journey that will take you deep into rural communities and show you first-hand how our loans are transforming lives. You’ll get to experience the local culture, mingle with some of the amazing people we’ve helped, and go on some of Uganda’s most breathtaking safaris. This is an opportunity to experience a different way of life – one that puts people first!

Top Highlights

Mingle With The People We’ve Helped

Wouldn’t it be cool to actually meet the people that you’ve given loans to? Or to witness the transformation happening across Uganda’s slums? On this trip, we will take you deep into rural communities and introduce you to the people whose lives you’ve changed so that you can learn about their stories firsthand!

Clark and Moses’ early careers both started in the travel industry. Clark had started a travel agency for college students called Travel Young and Moses had started a tour operator for African Safaris called Kisa Safaris. After over two years of communication, Clark visited Moses in Uganda to discuss a partnership. Unbeknowst to either Clark or Moses they both had a passion for microfinance. On the last day of his trip, Clark asked Moses if he knew anyone in the microfinance industry and, Moses responded, “ME!”. Moses had the educational background, business plan, and he already knew what they were going to name the company, “MUVULE”! 

Volunteer At A School For Underpriviledged Children

Have you ever wanted to build a well or a classroom? Donate books or clothes? Or just help out in whatever way you can? This is your chance! During our trip, you’ll have the opportunity to volunteer at a local school and help better these children’s lives.

Go On The Safari Adventure Of A Lifetime
Bring your Lion King dream to life in Uganda, Africa’s most bio-diverse country! Track chimps by the sound of their howls, drive through a rhino sanctuary, take a Nile River cruise, and scout the Big 5 on a classic safari game drive!

Why Uganda?

The “Pearl of Africa”
Although Uganda is one of the world’s poorest countries, it also is one of the happiest! Here you will learn how to truly appreciate the things that really matter in life: family, laughter, and love. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime while giving back and making a real difference in people’s lives.
Friendliest People
Ugandans taught me the importance of giving and gratitude. They are unbelievably grateful for even the smallest gesture.
Their joy, despite their poverty, reminded that happiness does not come from material things and the most important things in life are not material.
Extraordinary Service
They have very close attention to detail when it comes to service and hospitality and will never let you carry your own bag.
Extremely Safe
The crime rate is extremely low and Moses is like an angel guardian who would never let anything bad happen.
Perfect Weather

It’s on the equator and east of Congo’s mountains making it 70-80F (~25-30C) and sunny year round with occasional light showers.

Stunning Nature
It’s the most biodiverse country in Africa. The Nile River runs right through it. It borders Lake Victoria and the mountains of the Congo.


It’s fantastic, locally grown, and some of the best in the world.
Cultural Diversity
They have 52 different languages that all come from different tribes with different traditional dances, music, and ways of dressing.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
I love the energy of hard work and opportunity. The city lights up the hustler inside of me and leaves me motivated to work hard.
Headwater Of The Nile River
By far the best whitewater rafting I’ve ever done, plus adds stunning scenery and totally unique wildlife.
Lake Victoria
Africa’s largest lake, offering lake-life activities, beaches, and an endless supply of freshwater fish.

Take Your Giving To The Next Level!!