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A beacon of hope for the poorest of the poor

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Muvule Financing Ltd is revolutionizing the way we fight poverty. Founded in 2019 by Moses Muwanguzi and Clark Varin, their mission is to provide microloans to those living in poverty across Sub-Saharan Africa, starting with Uganda. For over three years now, this purpose-driven organization has been helping some of the world’s poorest people create better lives for themselves and take control of their financial future so that they can break free from the cycle of poverty.

This remarkable company has not only survived, but thrived through all the hardships caused by 2020 pandemic, has transformed nearly a dozen local economies across Uganda and has proven to be a beacon of hope for millions who are still struggling with poverty across Africa.


With their unique approach towards grass-roots economic growth, Muvule Financing is truly leading the way as a novel way for impact investors and philanthropists to maximize the impact of their investments and gifts. Their vision? To change the story of Africa from a place of scarcity to a place of hope and abundance!

How Muvule Got Started

A story of divine intervention.

Muvule was founded by American entrepreneur Clark Varin and local Ugandan serial entrepreneur, Moses Muwanguzi. This international partnership was a match made in heaven but it begs the question: How did it happen? 

Clark and Moses’ early careers both started in the travel industry. Clark had started a travel agency for college students called Travel Young and Moses had started a tour operator for African Safaris called Kisa Safaris. After over two years of communication, Clark visited Moses in Uganda to discuss a partnership. Unbeknowst to either Clark or Moses they both had a passion for microfinance. On the last day of his trip, Clark asked Moses if he knew anyone in the microfinance industry and, Moses responded, “ME!”. Moses had the educational background, business plan, and he already knew what they were going to name the company, “MUVULE”! 

What Does Muvule Mean?

A symbol of distributed wealth throughout a community.

Muvule (pronounced “moo-VOO-leh”) is a sacred tree known across Sub-Saharan Africa for being a valuable slow-growing tree with wide branches that provides for a large community of birds and wildlife. At Muvule Financing, it’s a symbol of slow and steady economic growth that generates distributed wealth that provides for everyone in a community.

During our grand opening launch party in Kampala, Uganda, Moses announced the name “Muvule” to our client base and the crowd roared with claps and cheers! Muvule is a well understood symbol in Africa.

Our Values

Muvule’s Secret To Rapid Success 


Everyone who receives a loan knows that it comes from the grace of God.

Good Intentions

Clients can feel the love, care, and good intentions of the entire organization.

3. Community Driven

Every Muvule branch engages local community leaders before launch.

Just eight months after Muvule had launched, over two hundred people in Uganda gathered together to celebrte Muvule’s early success. Even the Minister of Microfinance showed up to publicly announce that “In [her] 50 years working in microfinance, no institution has been more promising than Muvule”.

Ever since Muvule started, competitors have been trying to figure out how they’ve been able to outperform even the most reputable orgnizations, but what they don’t understand is that it’s more than just numbers and operations. Muvule is a CULTURE it’s a community-led movement that stands for hope, is built on faith and is led by leaders with good intentions.

Leadership Team

A World Class Team Of Entrepreneurs & Advisors

Moses Muwanguzi,
Co-Founder & CEO

Moses grew up as an orphan in Uganda and went door-to-door selling milk by the glass to afford his childhood education. Through sheer grit, determination, and unwavering faith, he was able to go to Mackerere University, “The Harvard of East Africa” to study microfinance. Today he manages Muvule’s 10 branches and 50 employees and has built a non-profit school for +1,000 orphans and underprivileged children in his home village. ​


Clark Varin

Clark is the spokesperson for Muvule and has spoken about Muvule at speaking events across the globe in the USA, Dubai, London, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Mexico City, and more. As the founder of a world-wide travel agency and a passion for impact investments, Clark’s background is an excellent fit for his role in bringing people to Uganda to learn how Muvule is changing lives. ​

Best In-Class Advisors
Frank Balabyeki

Frank Balabyeki

Head of Risk Management
Kenya Commercial Bank

Risk and compliance advisor at Muvule Financing Ltd. Advises on all regulatory, legal, and compliance issues.

Anne Nazziwa

Anne Nazziwa

Former Director of Operations BRAC Operations advisor at
Muvule Financing Ltd.

Has helped us by sharing how BRAC, one of the world’s largest MFI’s runs operations and how they’ve grown to be a +$300M business in Uganda serving a similar client as us.

Catherine Wamasembe

Catherine Wamasembe

Former Head of Internal Audit
Equity Bank

Head of internal audit at Muvule. Conducts quarterly internal audits before getting sent to external auditor. Moses’ most trusted and chief advisors and one of the most knowledgeable bankers in the country of Uganda who worked for our top competitor, Equity Bank.