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Micro-investments that change lives and transform communities

Track Record

Our Loans Change Lives & Transform Communities

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Since we launched in January 2019, we have helped tens of thousands of microentrepreneurs launch and grow businesses in some of the poorest communities on Earth. In some cases, we’ve helped double their local economy which means that not only do the borrowers benefit, but the entire community feels it when Muvule comes to town.
The proof that our loans work is that people are upgrading their living standards and investing into their future homes and educations. But these loans do more than allow an entprepeneur to provide for their family, they create new jobs, and they contribute to a vibrant local economy.

About Muvule​

Microloans That Change Lives

Microloans, Macro-Impact.
Our average loan helps an entrepreneur grow their business from making $3/day to $12/day within 12 months.
Tangible, Life Changing Results
The average $150 loan helps feed a family of five, educate three children, and allows 80% of families to invest in a better home.
Sustainable Solution To Poverty

Stimulating long-term economic development by helping entrepreneurs invest in income generating assets.

OF A $150

3 Children In School

Who were previously receiving poor or inconsistent education.

4x Income

Avg client goes from making $3/day to $12/ in 12 months.

5 People Fed

Helps feed five people who were previously malnourished.

80% Build Homes

Buy land or make other home improvements within 12 months.

Why Microloans?

Microloans help the world’s poorest people escape poverty by helping them start and grow businesses. Instead of donating free food, education, and housing, we teach them how to sustainably grow their income with microloans. We’re serving a market with $350 million of unmet demand for microloans. With your help, we can make a real impact in the communities that need it the most.

How Muvule Works

It Starts With You!

Get Started
Make a donation or impact investment.

Muvule finds and vets entrepreneurs to
lend to.

Get Repaid
Muvule has a 99.8% repayment rate.

Your capital continues to grow and get reinvested.

Give A Loan, Change A Life
Imagine what you could do for the cost of a coffee!
For the cost of a coffee per day ($5), you would give a new microloan every month. After 10 years, your compounding impact would transform a medium-sized village! Imagine how much your generosity would compound if you committed to “donating a cup of coffee” every day for the rest of your life!

Don’t wait! Commit today to a lifetime of generous giving!

Give A Loan.
Change A Life.
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